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Top 10 Corporate LMS Solution Companies - 2019

Corporate learning management systems (LMS) are designed to help organizations track, manage, and organize employee training efforts. These systems are particularly useful for corporations that have branches spread across the world and need every employee to undergo training programs, to effectively maintain pre-defined standards and practices. Through these systems, organizations are able to conduct dedicated employee training programs for onboarding, development, and compliance training purposes. Corporate LMS products are also serving as a centralized repository of content for organizations—allowing various branch offices to access the content and train their employees accordingly.

Advanced corporate LMS products have also proven to be a boon for HR officers who no longer need to conduct lengthy training sessions with new hires. In fact, there are provisions in certain corporate LMS products to accommodate the pre-hire interview process, allowing HR officers to conduct interviews with candidates from across the globe.

The ideal corporate LMS product must be able perform the following tasks: host courses and training materials within a cloud-based, centralized system that can be easily accessed by employees, store employee training progress and performance records for evaluation by HR and management, and allow LMS administrators to customize training programs based off of standards and practices.

With myriad emerging corporate LMS solution providers hoarding the marketplace, it’s no easy task to identify the pros and cons of each system. While keeping these criterions in mind, an illustrious panel comprising of industry-leading CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the editorial team of HR Tech Outlook has put together a list of the Top 10 Corporate LMS Solution Providers in the landscape.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Corporate LMS Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Corporate LMS Companies

  • Blends eLearning technology with conventional training methods to improve the employee learning experience

  • Blackboard provides organizations with learning management systems that allow them to monitor and educate its employees to be more efficient and productive while working in the modern enterprise world

  • Cross-platform LMS developer that helps to educate, empower, and engage the employees across various industry segments

  • A LMS solution provider that offers its clients a user-friendly platform and unlimited training for end users availing the benefits of the learning management system

  • A comprehensive learning platform that provides an engaging learning experience

  • Absorb Software

    Absorb Software

    Provide the world with software that is intelligently designed to humanize the things needed to be done on a daily basis

  • Axonify


    Help organizations address the most common threats that businesses face and a lack of employee knowledge that leads to costly mistakes

  • Blue Sky eLearn

    Blue Sky eLearn

    Provide robust, easy-to-manage solutions for organizations to organize, track and monetize educational content

  • Pandexio


    Pandexio developed the Smartsnips® SaaS platform – the leading curated insightsTM solution. Smartsnips empower employee critical thinking by making it easy for them to curate and share their insights from content in real-time as they read, think and learn