World Manager: Revamping Employee Communication Frameworks

Gary Valkenburg, Founder & CEO, World ManagerGary Valkenburg, Founder & CEO
As organizations grow geographically, CEOs find it difficult to keep a check on each location’s adherence to company policies and standards. World Manager’s Founder and CEO, Gary Valkenburg had a similar experience while working as an International Training Coordinator for Planet Hollywood. The realization that there was no control or consistency across locations followed by a lack of control over locations at a head office level foresaw the inception of World Manager. “From the day World Manager was created as an idea in a notebook, the plan was to bring coordination between employees and head office administrators, conduct training and compliance tracking,” asserts Valkenburg. World Manager’s Learning Management System enables CEOs to train, track, communicate with employees, and oversee compliance nationally and globally.

The company’s robust Learning Management System (LMS) comprises of Communications Suite, Training Suite, and Education Suite. The Communications Suite enables users to directly communicate with other employees on their reporting line with tools such as image galleries, company calendar, and employee chat forums. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook feeds can also be added to the company’s home dashboard for a truly social experience. The Training Suite makes the training programs easily deliverable in real time, on any device. It complements the Communications Suite with self-authoring tools delivering mobile training, checklist sign offs, and written tests to create an effective learning program. Using the Education Suite, third party companies can train and communicate with employees offering accredited qualifications. “The three suites coupled with World Manager’s dashboard allows companies to draw employees and keep them engaged,” affirms Valkenburg. Using the dashboard, employees can seamlessly communicate with other staff members while giving head office the ability to monitor and guide all the communications. “Users’ dashboard becomes a mix of social interactions within the organization along with more direct communication,” he adds. In addition, World Manager equips clients with a Human Resource Suite, Operations Suite and an upcoming Scheduling Suite.

We offer a 100 percent mobile suite of training and communications tools delivering mobile e-learning

The HR Suite assists with sourcing and onboarding the right type of employees, and follows the overall employee lifecycle from employee surveys, appraisals, to online automated exit interviews. The Operations Suite helps in creating online inspection reports for audits, safety checks, plus service desk tickets for customer issues etc.

World Manager’s customizable dashboard for brands to show off their culture and branding and mobility sets it apart from its competitors. “We offer a 100 percent mobile suite of training and communications tools delivering mobile e-learning,” lauds Valkenburg. Breaking the standard business and sales practices, World Manager has become a market disruptor by offering an approach with no fixed term contracts, free upgrades, customer support, and free account manager facilities.

The company has given unprecedented reporting capabilities to over 200 brands, in over 50 countries, from various domains. In one instance, Twin Peaks, a rapidly growing National restaurant group in the hospitality industry, required a user-friendly approach for delivering training and content through mobile devices while it was undergoing expansion. World Manager helped them in developing an app for training called Peaks Point. “Peaks Point offered quick and free access to creating tests, with a very fast and effective delivery system to mobiles and tablets. Its reporting has created outstanding benchmarking of performance,” explains Valkenburg.

Forging ahead, the company will launch revised version of its LMS platform revamping both the desktop as well as mobile versions. “We are also working on the US onboarding tools to process I9, W4’s, and to do WOTC checks,” points out Valkenburg. Further, World Manager will also raise curtains off its Scheduling Suite designed for scheduling and attendance of employees. “The roadmap is to consistently incorporate more functionality within the platform to create the all in one scheduling experience,” he concludes.