Asentia LMS: Redefining the Employee Learning Experience

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Ed Gipple, President & CEO, Asentia LMSEd Gipple, President & CEO
For a long time, eLearning paradigm has witnessed little or no innovation ever since educational technology innovators introduced it. Traditionally, the learning management systems (LMS) required learners to register for and take a self-paced online course. Once they completed the training curriculum, their learning was assessed and subsequently scored. This methodology, however, has proved ineffective in the enterprise world, because “Different people have different learning styles, and different topics require different instructional approaches,” highlights Ed Gipple, CEO of ICS Learning Group, Inc. Based on the deep insights achieved through extensive research into the learning and emotional psychology of the organizational workforce, ICS Learning Group has built a pioneering enterprise learning solution, Asentia. Instead of explicitly focusing on eLearning alone, Asentia has expanded the horizon of learning modalities to involve multiple elements, such as social media, classroom training, mentoring, live streaming, and recorded events. A typical course in Asentia can be a custom mix of various elements including live instructor-led classroom training, an offline activity, and training sessions that administrators can track. The flexibility offered through this unique blended learning approach leads to learned, knowledgeable workforce.

Asentia’s features are further complemented by a customizable dashboard embedded with drag-and-drop widgets, allowing users to configure it to their needs. Additionally, widgets provide a wide range of functionality ranging from daily user tasks (access to courses, certificates, and transcripts) to manager and administrator functions for reporting and instructor/mentoring capabilities. “We offer a delightful user experience through the configurable dashboard designed to work seamlessly across all devices and browsers,” says Gipple.

Based on the employee profile, Asentia automatically enrolls them in specific courses, connects them to communities in addition to granting them access to the necessary files

Beyond the user experience, Asentia is also designed to improve the administration of the LMS. This is achieved through advanced learning automation where complex rules can be established to automate activities such as course enrollments, assignment of system roles and permissions, reporting, and access to course catalogs, communities, and documents. The solution can further be extended to integrate with HR and payroll systems. For instance, when an employee profile is added to the payroll system, the user profile information is automatically punched to the LMS which in turns drives all the learning automation and rules.

With a dedicated team for designing training material, Asentia brings LMS and training content creation into a single solution. Not to mention, Asentia also provides clients with access to tools that help them create content on their own.

What makes ICS Learning Group a game changer in the market is that unlike its competitors, the client onboarding process is extremely customer-centric, allowing them to customize the learning curriculum precisely to the needs of their workforce. For instance, an automotive manufacturer that wanted to attain ISO 9000 certification had a multitude of requirements related to training, quality control, and documentation. Through their close collaboration with Asentia, the client could seamlessly manage all of their training requirements for a large team of employees. The program incorporated a complex series of ‘skill blocks’ that involved mentoring and evaluation as well.

Aiming to be a global leader, Asentia plans to foray into the international markets including Europe and Canada. “We are also introducing new features in our LMS solution to cater to different audiences,” concludes Gipple on a high note.