Knowledge Anywhere: Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement

Happy employees account for the making of a successful business; employees are happier when they are engaged; employees who feel engaged also feel empowered, valued and get a sense of belonging. Creating this culture of employee engagement requires a continuous and procedural learning process, which results in a highly productive workplace. Experts like Knowledge Anywhere are key in bringing about this result.

Knowledge Anywhere uses its 20 years of experience and suite of online tools to help organizations effectively deliver training and development to their learners. The current prosperous economy and the influx of millennials in the workforce means that employees often only stay with companies for a couple of years. The high administrative and onboarding costs of hiring new employees means that it is imperative for enterprises to create avenues to encourage employee retention. A great way to promote employee satisfaction is through engagement and continued learning. Knowledge Anywhere helps organizations do exactly that. “It is all about creating a learning and development program that engages employees and creates a culture of continuous education,” states Charlie Gillette, the CEO of Knowledge Anywhere.

One such organization with an exemplary learning and development program is Novinium. Chief Human Resources Officer, Jan Cannon and her team worked closely with Knowledge Anywhere to build and implement a sustainable, easy-to-use eLearning program that would truly be used across the company. Ms. Cannon commented that the Knowledge Anywhere LMS “has become common language and a staple to learning in our organization.” She is thrilled with the level of employee engagement with the system and has seen a number of people taking classes in the LMS for their own professional and personal growth.

With its flexible and modern learning management capability, created with the 21st-century learner in mind, the solutions offered by Knowledge Anywhere enable HR managers like Ms. Cannon to empower the workforce via virtual learning, assessments, and certifications on any mobile device. The company’s tools encourage effective online learning programs that will help inspire and engage employees. Knowledge Anywhere also allows management to analyze the effectiveness of their training program, with an easy-to-use, dynamic reporting dashboard.
The company is focused on continuous innovation, evident by Knowledge Anywhere’s cutting edge tools, such as their Virtual Reality Training solution. The company is helping companies stay on the cutting edge of emerging learning trends by creating VR training modules that launch seamlessly through their LMS application. “We’re always innovating with technologies that are expected to take training to the next level. Right now, VR in the corporate world is still in its infancy, but so was e-learning 20 years ago,” he adds. Not merely focused on selling an LMS product, Knowledge Anywhere is committed to providing tools and services which ensure their clients’ learning strategy to be successful.

It is not just about required training, it is about creating a learning and development program that engages employees and creates a culture that values education

Knowledge Anywhere is unique in that they are committed to not only providing cutting edge e-learning technologies, but also to helping their customers utilize those tools to take learning a step further. They understand the importance of creating a comprehensive learning and development program that engages learners to keep them growing and happy in the organization. From Virtual Reality Training to QuickQuiz, a new e-learning Slack Application, Knowledge Anywhere’s suite of solutions create various opportunities for enterprises to engage employees at the right time with the right method and content. Knowledge Anywhere is a must-have partner for every business that aims at successful employee engagement through the creation of a continuous learning culture.