iTacit: Reach New Horizons with an Automated LMS Platform

Learning technology is unfolding at a breakneck speed, with brand-new companies invariably pushing the boundaries by employing new and innovative strategies. Allied Market Research, a research and business consulting firm, reported that the global LMS market was valued at 4,396 million dollars in 2016 and is projected to reach 15,391 million dollars by 2023. It is expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent from 2017 to 2023. As global players concentrate on utilizing efficient learning management solutions (LMS) to increase their company’s productivity, iTacit is one such leading provider of corporate LMS solutions catching new attention. The New Brunswick-based technology firm leverages cloud technology and provides high-quality, customizable LMS products for organizations. Its flagship solution, iTacit, offers a one-employee and one-record solution to connect training, communication, recruiting, and performance.

“We are connecting a disconnected workforce,” states Craig Comeau, VP, Business Development at iTacit. To realize this goal, a platform was developed by iTacit to capture the unique requirements within and across an organization, connecting management and employees with common tools, resources and expectations. With the iTacit platform, organizations can work through human resource processes like recruitment and onboarding, training and compliance, and performance management. These attributes bring centralized visibility into all employee operations. The platform is supported on all popular devices and common web browsers.

iTacit’s solution also provides cost-effective value-added tools to connect and engage the entire organizational team. Its comprehensive, multilingual workforce optimization platform includes key scheduling, automation and reports, social collaboration features, document sharing, and surveys.
iTacit employs big data technology to maximize the platform efficiency, delivering unprecedented visibility into an organization, making it easier for the human resources department to maintain the employee lifecycle.

Logging in across a variety of shifts, locations and time zones, all users (CEO, managers, trainers, employees) are presented with their own key activities and information to be successful. iTacit’s new 2.0 user experience is built intuitively and responsively to provide uncomplicated usability across desktop and mobile devices. iTacit’s solution itself is designed to be flexible, providing companies with customizable packaging options to enhance the learning module— “Train and Connect”, “Onboard, Train & Connect”, and iTacit’s full “Talent Management Suite”. Add-on features such as white labeling are also available, catering to clients’ needs and requirements.

These developments and cutting-edge technology implementations have put iTacit on the map, helping them earn leading clientele in the LMS market. To meet the growing needs of an extensive health network in Canada, iTacit worked with industry leaders to make some remarkable changes to their recruitment processes, making their Recruiting tool faster and simpler to manage. Before implementing iTacit, the Canadian health network manually sorted thousands of résumés a month.

Why iTacit? One of the essential characteristics that separates iTacit from its competitors is its collaborative approach to retaining the client organization’s processes, rather than obligating organizations to implement iTacit’s standard processes. With these features, iTacit is becoming a global leader in providing LMS solutions and is counted among the mega players of the market.