Helios HR: Customized Solutions for Effective Talent Management in Today's Modern Workplace

Kathy Albarado, CEO, Helios HRKathy Albarado, CEO
With talent in short supply, employers need to be even more creative in their hiring techniques and provide an experience that will retain and engage their teams. In today’s modern workplace, employee expectations have evolved and when it comes to attracting top talent companies are offering more than competitive compensation and leave programs. As technology continues to enhance work environments and become integrated into almost every aspect of everyday life, employers can leverage technology to augment their value proposition to future and current employees. Remote workforces are increasingly gaining acceptance and creating more opportunities for employers to access a larger talent pool as today’s technology facilitates remote collaboration. Helping leaders solve talent management challenges, Helios HR delivers human capital and recruiting solutions that enhance growth strategies. “We provide a strategic partnership, helping build and sustain organizational cultures that attract, retain, and engage top talent,” states Kathy Albarado, CEO, Helios HR.

The use of technology in companies often plays a key role in defining the culture of a business. A strong organizational culture facilitates productivity and engagement among employees; whereas, an unhealthy corporate culture often produces underperformance, disengagement and turnover. Albarado launched Helios HR after experiencing the merger of two opposing cultures, solidifying her perspective of the impact of culture on overall performance. Today, the HR consulting firm works with leaders who are intentional about the culture they build and nourish in their companies. With a customized, results-oriented approach, Helios HR designs solutions that best fit clients’ needs and budget. Helios HR provides expertise across the full spectrum of HR through three main lines of business: HR outsourcing, human capital consulting, and recruiting solutions. Kayla Dineen, project implementation manager, explains, “We do not take a one-size fits all approach, we engrain ourselves in the culture, spend time with employees and work to understand the business, creating solutions that align with our clients’ strategy and make sense for their unique teams.”
Helios HR offers solutions that impact employee experiences through the full employee lifecycle, from attracting new talent and retaining employees to succession planning.

We engrain ourselves in the culture, spend time with employees and work to understand the business, creating solutions that align with our clients’ strategy

Their learning management system (LMS) serves as a platform for developing talent, designed for ease-of-use, incorporating an extensive library of over 6,000 courses. Following the trend of micro-learning, the majority of content covers key learning objectives in less than 10 minutes. Employers can direct training with company established training paths and employees can take learning into their own hands with access to the full suite of content. In addition to courses provided in the LMS, clients can leverage the platform to create unlimited internal trainings, conduct surveys, optionally incorporate quizzes, certifications and gamification features, and track/report on progress. Further, the LMS system is mobile friendly and cost-effective, catering to small and medium-sized firms.

A Washington DC-based government-contracting company sought out Helios HR when searching for a leadership development platform with a limited budget. Through the Helios HR LMS, the client was able to leverage the available leadership development courses and create their own internal trainings to customize their approach to developing leaders. With a quick implementation, leaders gained immediate access to the tools and resources they needed to grow and better engage their teams, leading to higher productivity.

Helios HR is currently serving clients throughout the U.S. and plans to expand geographically and in its product and service offerings. “Through our capabilities and depth in technical expertise and our client partnership philosophy we will continue to provide solutions that address relevant and timely talent management challenges,” concludes Albarado.