GROW Learning Management System: Interactive Micro-learning Strategies

Heather M. Jones, President & Founder, GROW Learning Management SystemHeather M. Jones, President & Founder
For many years, the property management of multifamily apartment communities has used traditional online and in-person forms of training and professional development. “However, the way people learn has changed, and the industry needs to change with them,” says Heather Jones, President and Founder of GROW Learning Management System. Heather founded GROW to provide an alternative to the multifamily industry based on micro learning,—quick animated 5-10-minute training videos—which is priced very affordably and fits easily into a typical busy day in property management. “GROW Learning steps out of the multifamily training bubble bringing fresh perspective and a host of online classes that associates will look forward to,” affirms Heather.

With associate turnover for the industry at 40-60 percent, improving associates’ training and engagement with their job is critical for smoother operations. GROW addresses the operational challenge of associate turnover by providing 10 minutes of training within 5 minutes of their need. While most associates do not have the time to spend 30-60 minutes on training, they can find 5-10 minutes here and there. Through GROW’s catalog of mini-videos, an associate can access their “tidbit” training of 7-minute videos and apply the knowledge almost immediately. “Micro-learning makes the transfer of information 17 percent more efficient, and creates 50 percent more engagement,” elucidates Heather. Plus, one price gives access to the entire catalog–no matter how large it grows - or each training video can be purchased independently as a standalone. Per Jones, “We’ve tried to modernize multifamily training and make it more exciting with relevant content.”

Micro-learning makes the transfer of information 17 percent more efficient, and creates 50 percent more engagement

GROW is also mobile ready, allowing associates to take a quick class on their smartphones while at lunch, or while taking a walk in the park. And GROW learners can have Growth Paths to aid in career advancement, and badges to stay motivated and engaged. What’s more, a great training program ultimately leads to higher employee retention because associates feel valued and they know they are supported with tools that help them succeed, making them less inclined to leave.

GROW was built by multifamily professionals for multifamily professionals. With a combined 60+ years of experience, Jones and her team know the specific needs in their industry. Their library covers multiple resident and prospect scenarios to help improve resident relations. “Our goal is to continue enhancing the catalog of classes by creating 100 classes per year, ensuring associates will always find new information and learning tools through GROW,” states Heather. Customer usage reveals that associates are using GROW throughout their workday, not just when they need something. Increased training means the associates are developing stronger skills and confidence in their jobs. A typical application example comes from an associate dealing with a bullying issue. Their Regional Manager directs them to watch the GROW 5-minute class, then call back for a discussion of the situation. The class provides a framework for the discussion and facilitates stronger confidence and resolution.

GROW’s future product development plans include business intelligence and management training in a new product line. GROW represents around 100,000 apartments and 2500 associates, and their goal is to bring 6,000 new associates every year into the training platform in addition to the creation of 100 classes each year. Per Jones, “As the needs of our clients change, we want to change with them. Every new client we bring on board brings an opportunity for us to learn from them and grow.”