DigitalChalk: Personalized Learning at its Best

Russ Stinehour, President & CEO, DigitalChalkRuss Stinehour, President & CEO
Corporate learning is an essential tool for global businesses seeking to retain top talents. Beyond the traditional instructor-led classroom approach, today’s corporate trainers are implementing new institutional connected learning systems for higher employee performance rates and to unlock their full potential. The exploration of digital communication has pushed out the fringes of online education as employers have recognized the need for injecting “a dose of fun” into the training courses and making it more accessible to employees anywhere and anytime from any device.

Focusing on the open learning philosophy, DigitalChalk’s platform is an intuitive and scalable solution for industry experts looking to present their curriculum online, allowing multiple users to access the learning tools at the same time. “Our clients do not need to concern themselves with administrative overhead, e-commerce regulations, and IT,” says Russ Stinehour, President and CEO, DigitalChalk. Accessibility has always been of paramount importance to DigitalChalk platform—a time-saving and efficient corporate Learning Management System (LMS)—which is the centralized source for administering, tracking, delivering, and reporting on online content.

With its secure, cloud-based, and hosted system, experts facilitate consistent transfer of critical knowledge to workers and motivate them to use their talents and skills to the fullest capacity–imperative for business success. Their LMS platform does not require any technical knowledge to run the online training, and saves costs associated with hiring and training consultants, employee travel, buying training materials and other classroom related expenses. Training via the LMS enables learners to access the course content whenever time permits and HR department to track their progress and document their training every step of the way.

Our clients do not need to concern themselves with administrative overhead, e-commerce regulations, and IT

Instructors can also set up notifications to alert them on a variety of learner events—quizzes and tests, to either graduate learners to the next lesson or reset the learning path and send learners back to review points for more remedial instruction. DigitalChalk also supports single-account login, eliminating the need for learners to log in the second time to access training.

In matter of seconds, any DigitalChalk user can convert PPT presentations into robust online courses that are SCORM compliant which means online training can be easily accessible by learners in HD streaming video via their iPads or tablets. It can also embed URLs within the context of the DigitalChalk page, so that learners can view web pages and video even from outside DigitalChalk environment without leaving the platform.

During a short span, the firm has helped thousands of professional training businesses and corporate clients in providing effective e-training through their LMS and minimizing HR compliance risks. For instance, Mid American Metals, specialized in facilities services, wanted to find a fulltime accessible, easy-to-use, and affordable LMS platform for providing their video based training. The client chose DigitalChalk to engage employees through interactive learning fully supported by HD videos, making sure relevant content is created and delivered in a timely manner. “Besides their platform, DigitalChalk’s customer support has been extremely incredible in responding to any issue promptly with the desired results,” comments Jeff Wilhoit Director of Training, Mid America Metals.

“Education is our passion,” asserts Stinehour. Moving forward, the company aims to continue down the path of creating a high quality learning environment. “With our global software, we work to help our clients launch world-class learning experiences and also strengthen small businesses to train their employees internally with more flexibility and control,” he concludes.