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Dr. Jim Collins, President & CEO, Collins LearningDr. Jim Collins, President & CEO
“We have been using a compliance LMS, but our employees were never satisfied with it. We had to watch the same courses every year. Moreover, it was expensive and boring.” These were the words of an anxious US-based company whose compliance statistics were as low as 25 to 30 percent out of a hundred. If they did not do something about it, they would run into trouble with the state surveyors and the related nursing homes. That was when they began searching for better alternatives. Its search ended with Collins Learning—an online training and education solution for today’s busy senior care facility. Dr. Jim Collins, the president and CEO at Collins Learning, assured the client, “We will have a demo for your company, free-of-cost for 60 days. If it meets your purpose, we will proceed ahead. In fact, I’m confident that you are going to love Collins Learning, and hence, I want you to give me all of your buildings.”

It goes without saying that his confidence evidently led to success. After 60 days, Collins Learning had its systems up and running and began training the employees strategically. A few months into the process, the client witnessed a significant rise in their compliance statistics (around 60 percent). Scripting similar success stories for its clients, better content, greater support, higher statistics, and lower cost are precisely what Collins Learning provides to all its customers.

Started as a small, family-owned business, Collins Learning today is making giant strides in training healthcare professionals who cater to senior patients by making the process engaging, enjoyable, and intuitive. As a gerontologist with over three decades of rich experience, Dr. Collins brings in his expertise and ingrained knowledge to the company. As mentioned in his groundbreaking book, The Person-Centered Way, Dr. Collins has designed a roadmap for turning dull, average institutions into lively social environments. Collins Learning is driven by this same vision. With videos shot under the most appealing circumstances, Collins Learning is changing the perspective of compliance training–from a mandate that individuals have to take to an interactive session that creates a passion for learning. Through its comprehensive suite of courses that provide training in memory care, dementia, gritty training on disaster management, or courses that train how to deal with the death of patients, Collins Learning digs a lot deeper. The company is bringing realism with a light-hearted touch to sensitive topics.

Illustrating the benefits that the company brings to the table, Dr Collins touches upon some of the challenges plaguing in the LMS space. The biggest problem, according to him, is finding the LMS that matches the ideology of the company and serves their needs. Also, the simplicity of the LMS content plays a critical role since a straightforward course will be highly accepted by companies and help leaders learn fast and train their employees quickly. Yet another challenge, he stresses, lies in is motivating their staff to take the courses regularly.

So, how does Collins Learning overcome all these hurdles? The answer lies in its dynamic training and person-centered content.

We are always listening to our clients and their needs in terms of functionality. We are open to suggestions and add new details to our solutions to make it easier, attractive, and suitable for healthcare professionals.

With online education courses developed by highly qualified healthcare professionals who keep up with the latest trends in senior care and regulatory requirements in health care, Collins Learning provides a holistic experience. The company’s proficient trainers provide training virtually using go-to-meeting or any other suitable format. This ensures that the leaders grasp the knowledge accurately and impart the same to their employees. Also, keeping in mind the high turnover rate in senior patient care, Collins Learning continues its services irrespective of any new entries in the clients’ organization. To add to that, the company’s adept customer care service offers support to its clients 24/7. From live support to telephonic support to email support, Collins Learning actively addresses the queries and challenges of its clients.

Predominantly, from Alzheimer’s to employee orientation, HIPAA to first-aid to mental illness and aging, Person-Centered Care to workplace violence to stress management and employee wellness, the Poland-based firm’s high definition video addresses all the issues. Presented in a lively talk show and documentary style to enhance its client experience, Collins Learning provides in-depth, content-rich knowledge to spread the awareness and enlighten the masses. Furthermore, Collins Learning also makes orientation and onboarding incredibly simple: employees of a firm, prior to their joining, watch the course videos, take the online tests, and receive their certificates on the following day. Not to miss, assigning courses on Collins Learning platform is extremely easy as it allows the administrator to add/remove staff by merely using the features available.

Adding to its endless list of capabilities, yet another feature that sets apart Collins Learning is the relationship it shares with its clients. “We are always listening to our clients and their needs in terms of functionality. We are open to suggestions and add new details to our solutions to make it easier, attractive, and suitable for healthcare professionals,” remarks Dr. Collins. An example of this is the recently added external training component into their system that makes Collins Learning a one-stop-shop. It allows administrators to upload any training video, make a quiz based on it, and assign it to their staff. Again, the company’s email alerts that notify employees anytime a new task is assigned to their dashboard speaks volumes that in Collins Learning, customers are valued and treated as a family. This is precisely one of the reasons why Collins Learning relies on its customers for promotion and does not indulge in a lot of marketing.

Under its hood, Collins Learning also has a separate education program named CEU Academy. Unlike the Collins Learning platform that is majorly a corporate solution, CEU Academy offers courses to individual licensed healthcare professionals. Expressing his grief over the loss of lives due to COVID-19, Dr. Collins mentions that with work-from-home becoming the norm, the pandemic has resulted in significant growth in CEU Academy subscriptions.

Bolstered by such magnanimous records, it is safe to say that Collins Learning is only heading toward a bright future. Continually adding meaningful content, Collins Learning adapts itself according to the latest trends in the market. “We are focused on measured growth because our priority is to provide quality training and education to our clients,” concludes Dr. Collins.
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Collins Learning

Collins Learning

Poland, OH

Dr. Jim Collins, President & CEO

Collins Learning is an online training and education solution for the present busy senior care facility. The company offers all of the compliance training courses required by the state and Federal government as well as a diverse library of CEUs for licensed health care professionals. From Alzheimer’s to Ethics, HIPAA to Mental Illness and Aging, and Person-Centered Care to Workplace Violence, Collins Learning’s courses are delivered in brilliant high definition video and are presented in a lively talk show and documentary style that appeal employees from all age groups