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Dr. William Ballhaus, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, BlackboardDr. William Ballhaus, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President As organizations across various industry spectrums get accustomed to workflows that are powered by technology (AI, blockchain and IoT), they must not only understand the new solution strategies but also have efficient taskforces to handle these computational marvels. Many firms are deploying learning management systems (LMS) to bring clear routes of education to their employees. These magnificent platforms allow for the identification of individuals that require training, and in turn, ensure that the staff member has the skill set to control and operate the many work floor processes at business centers.

Presently, it has become vital for companies to dispatch learning programs that further enhance staff members knowledge to run parallel to business goals. With LMS, all the various employee data used within an organization for training purposes can be accessed from a single point, and the information can be stored in an organized and secure way. This makes it easy for HR to decide which individual is best suited for a particular job and whether they require further training. It also creates effective education environments and allows for reduced stress and elevated motivation amongst employees in the training programs.

"Blackboard, is coming forward to aid organizations across various industry streams seeking to scale new heights and gain momentum in the highly competitive enterprise world by deploying state-of-the-art LMS at their facilities"

One information technology service and solution provider, Blackboard, is coming forward to aid organizations across various industry streams seeking to scale new heights and gain momentum in the highly competitive enterprise world by deploying state-of-the-art LMS at their facilities. The platforms enable firms to expand on their learning structures, increase employee interaction, and optimize business outcomes.

Intelligent Platforms for Efficient Workforces

A recognized pioneer in the LMS arena, Blackboard has garnered more than a decade of experience aiding firms to educate their employees.
The company has long been in service at institutions and universities providing virtual training programs and ecosystems that offer enhanced and engaging teaching structures. The team at Blackboard has used this added knowledge to create an efficient learning management system for organizations to leverage. The solution allows management and HR at firms to make educating their employees easy.

A recognized pioneer in the LMS arena, Blackboard has garnered more than a decade of experience aiding firms to educate their employees

Blackboard LMS creates and maintains organizational training material, and further aids HR to identify and retain top employees. It enables organizations to drive business outcomes with a superior and enhanced learning infrastructure. The platform is loaded with products, and tools that assist companies in providing its most valued assets its employees with educational experiences that are free from all barriers. As lawmakers and governments play a huge role in deciding on the proper methods by which an enterprise should function, Blackboard helps its clients move away from legacy standards to authentic compliance training. At Blackboard, the team understands the diverse methods in which various teams at enterprises work, and has proven to escalate their efficiency and productivity by an average of 12 percent.

Cross Connectivity and Functionality

Blackboard’s solution can be utilized on a variety of devices, and this allows for its users to access it anywhere and at any time. With the growing usage of technology, firms must encourage its staff to enhance their skills and to harness more knowledge in order to drive promotional growth.

With more computational power entering the enterprise realm, organizations are encouraging its employees to work at their own leisure on their own devices. However, this has created a sense of insecurity, and the IT at firms must now monitor hundreds of devices that are registered on their networks. Blackboard’s LMS not only allows for its users cybersecurity but also delivers protection of the information that is being passed through its many data silos.

Besides, being accessible on-premise, Blackboard allows its users to store their learning material to the cloud. Organizations choosing to leverage Blackboard’s LMS have reported higher cost savings by high retention of its top employees, in turn, these individuals are assisting their companies to grow by using their added knowledge to be advantageous to achieving business goals.
A Story of Success

Knowledge is power, and individuals and organizations that have a nature for attaining information reach great heights in their respective fields by proactively using their intelligence. Blackboard has a dedicated team of experts that are well versed in many industrial workflows, and in one instance, they were able to showcase their skills when three blood centers merged to form a single organization. The management of the newly formed firm quickly realized that the different methods and techniques that were previously deployed across its multiple work floors needed to be brought under a single operating platform. The challenge was to integrate more than 2,000 staff members located across four states, prior to implementing Blackboard LMS, the client had relied heavily on field training.

The inefficiency of the education program led to the client approaching Blackboard to formulate a solution that could help them surpass all their learning issues. The team from Blackboard came onboard, and initial testing of a streamlined version of the LMS was started, amazed by the brilliance of the platform, the client decided to introduce its entire program online via Blackboard Collaborate. It allowed for the technical training to be provided to individuals that are more adjusted to the modern digital world. The client was able to concentrate more on trainees rather than educators and allowed the employees to work at their own pace. Since the modules are available online, the individuals in training programs have continuous access to the data, and this enables them to repeat classes they may not have attended.

Since the client introduced its online training modules, it has seen a rise in cost savings particularly through reduced travel, and less revenue spent on additional training.

The Future Plan

Having won multiple awards, and recognitions over two decades of active service, Blackboard is hopeful in further enhancing its LMS platforms. The highly agile and stable team of experts at the company continues to invest more time to research and develop new methods to part knowledge to organization taskforces. The company is known to have worked mainly with educational institutions and is presently leaving its mark both in the public and private sectors of the enterprise realm.

Blackboard, as an organization wishes to continue to partner with the education community to enable individuals entering into new employment, gain success by being educated through its innovative technologies and services. The company is unmatched in its understanding of the business training sector and is regarded as one of the best LMS providers by many large, mid-sized, and small businesses that have experienced its exemplary education services.
- Hanna Wilson
    June 03, 2019

Blackboard News

Blackboard Inc. Announces Execution of Definitive Agreement to Sell its Transact Business Unit

WASHINGTON:Blackboard Inc. today announced the execution of a definitive agreement to sell its Blackboard Transact business unit ("Transact") to Reverence Capital Partners, LP ("Reverence"). The transaction will enable Blackboard to remain laser-focused on and continue to deliver market-leading innovation in its teaching and learning portfolio of solutions, the core of its business for over 20 years. It will also allow Transact, the market-leading campus engagement and payment solutions provider to higher-education and other institutions in the U.S. and internationally, to increase its focus on the innovations and services that are core to its client base. The deal is anticipated to close during the second quarter of 2019.

This transaction enables Blackboard to accelerate the enhancements of its higher education teaching and learning EdTech platform, led by key solutions including Blackboard Learn Ultra, Blackboard Ally, Blackboard Collaborate, and the company's analytics solutions. At the same time, the company will continue to offer K-12 products that enhance, support, and facilitate better parent and community involvement in education because research shows that student engagement directly correlates to success in the classroom. Blackboard will also continue to offer services that improve the business of education including growing enrollments and improving retention, IT help desk, and one-stop services.

Transact has an extensive portfolio of integrated solutions that enable institutions to provide a frictionless engagement experience including campus access, mobile credentials, stored value, and point-of-sale solutions, security management, attendance automation, events authorization, electronic tuition payments, and bookstore management. As a market leader in the campus engagement and payments solutions business and first-mover in products such as mobile credentialing, Transact is well-positioned to continue to grow and create value for its clients and employees as a standalone entity.

"As a market-leading, the cloud-based education technology company, we are continuously examining all aspects of our portfolio and looking for ways to provide maximum value to our global client base and shareholders," said Blackboard Chairman, CEO and President Bill Ballhaus. "This strategic move allows for the continued simplification of our business. Most importantly, it allows us to accelerate innovation in our teaching and learning platform, delivering unique value to our clients to drive learner engagement, improve academic effectiveness, and provide education insights."

Transact will continue to be led by David Marr as its CEO, a seasoned executive with over twenty-six years of education and technology experience.

"I am proud of the success Transact has experienced over the past eighteen years as a part of the Blackboard family," said Marr. "The Transact team is highly dedicated to our clients and passionate about making a difference in students' lives. We believe our future is bright and are thrilled to partner with Reverence Capital as we continue to deliver the most innovative solutions for integrated payments, campus commerce and engagement, and security management."

"We are excited to partner with Transact to continue to build on the company's leadership position in campus engagement and payment solutions," said Milton Berlinski, Managing Partner of Reverence Capital Partners, LP. "Transact's objective to provide mission-critical integrated solutions has fostered a strong culture of product innovation and client focus. We are looking forward to supporting the Transact team as the company moves toward its next phase of growth and development."

Deutsche Bank served as financial advisor and Dechert acted as legal counsel to Blackboard. Macquarie Capital and UBS Investment Bank served as financial advisors, while Winston & Strawn LLP and Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP acted as legal counsel to Reverence Capital.